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Gallagher Combined School: Nurturing Academic Excellence with Individualized Attention

Gallagher Combined School: Nurturing Academic Excellence with Individualized Attention

Gallagher Combined School, located in Midrand, is an educational institution committed to providing a nurturing environment where students can thrive academically and personally. With a strong emphasis on individualized attention, Gallagher Combined School ensures that each student receives the support necessary to reach their full potential. In this article, we will delve into the unique features of Gallagher Combined School that foster academic excellence and personal growth.

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Small Classes for Individual Attention

At Gallagher Combined School, the focus is on maintaining small class sizes to maximize student-teacher interaction. With a maximum class size of 25 students and an average of 14 students in 2022, each child receives the individual attention they deserve. This approach allows teachers to tailor their teaching methods to the specific needs of each student, promoting better learning outcomes. Furthermore, grades 10 and above are limited to just 15 learners, ensuring an even higher level of personalized attention.

The advantages of small class sizes are numerous. Students have more opportunities to actively participate in class discussions, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback from their teachers. The intimate classroom setting encourages a sense of community and fosters strong relationships between students and teachers. Moreover, research has shown that small class sizes positively impact student engagement, academic performance, and overall well-being.

Sports Facilities and Activities

Gallagher Combined School prioritizes physical development and sportsmanship alongside academic achievements. In mid-2020, the school acquired large grounds adjacent to the campus, providing ample space for sports and recreation. These grounds have been meticulously cleared and re-grassed, creating a delightful environment for students to play and relax.

The school offers a variety of sports activities, with netball for girls and soccer for boys being the core sports. Students actively participate in these sports, fostering teamwork, discipline, and healthy competition. Additionally, Gallagher Combined School has a track record of success in running events, often held at Midrand High School. The emphasis on physical fitness and sports ensures that students develop not only academically but also physically and socially.

School Bus Service

To facilitate convenient transportation for students, Gallagher Combined School provides a school bus service. The 23-seater bus transports learners from their homes to school and back again. The service operates at a monthly cost of R940, allowing parents to ensure safe and reliable transportation for their children.

The school bus follows a strategic route, collecting students who reside further away first and gradually making its way to those living closer to the school. The same principle applies to drop-offs, with the closest students being the first to be dropped off. It’s important to note that due to time constraints, not all addresses can be accommodated, making seat availability on the bus limited and unable to be guaranteed for all applicants.

School Hours and After-School Care

Gallagher Combined School maintains consistent school hours, with classes starting at 07h30 each day, except on Mondays and Fridays when the day begins at 07h20. The school day ends at 14h00 for most students, while Grade 7 and above remain until 14h30 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. The school gates open at 06h30, allowing students to arrive early if needed.

For parents requiring after-school care, Gallagher Combined School offers a comprehensive service. After completing their homework under supervised conditions, students can participate in a range of extracurricular activities until 17h00. This extended care service incurs an additional fee, which can be found in the school fees schedule.

Syllabus Offerings

Gallagher Combined School follows the nationally prescribed CAPS syllabus, providing a strong foundation in core subjects. In addition to the standard curriculum, the school offers several unique subjects to enhance students’ learning experience. Students from grades 1 to 6 are required to study the Japanese abacus, developing their mental arithmetic skills. From grades 7 to 10, the curriculum includes robotics, equipping students with practical technological knowledge. Furthermore, students in grades 8 to 12 have the option to study IsiZulu, broadening their linguistic abilities.

Grade 10 students have compulsory subjects, including English, Afrikaans or IsiZulu, and Pure Mathematics or Maths Literacy. They also choose three elective subjects from a list that includes Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Business Studies, Accounting, Economics, History, Geography, and Computer Applications Technology or Information Technology. This comprehensive curriculum prepares students for diverse career paths and equips them with a well-rounded education.

Registration Process

To enroll a child at Gallagher Combined School for the academic year 2023, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Payment: Make a registration fee payment of R2,400 via electronic funds transfer (EFT). Ensure to reference the payment with the surname followed by the grade of the child. Alternatively, registration fees can be paid at the school using card or cash.
  2. Online Registration: Complete and submit the online registration form after making the payment.
  3. Comprehensive Registration Form: At a later stage, parents will be required to complete a detailed hard copy registration form to comply with the Department of Education’s requirements.

For further information and specific inquiries, the school’s contact details are provided at the end of this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the school registered with the Gauteng Department of Education? Yes, Gallagher Combined School is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education. The registration number is JE 700 400 680.
  2. What if I need to drop off my child before 07h00? Parents can drop off their children at Gallagher Combined School from 06h30 onwards, allowing for early drop-offs if required.
  3. Is Gallagher Combined School a new school? No, Gallagher Combined School has been established for several years and has a strong foundation in delivering quality education.
  4. What happens if fee payments fall behind? Gallagher Combined School expects fee payments to be made promptly. If payments fall behind, the school will contact parents to discuss the matter and find a suitable solution.
  5. Does the school provide food or have a tuck shop? Gallagher Combined School does not provide food, but it does have a tuck shop where students can purchase snacks and refreshments during designated break times.
  6. Is filtered water available at the school? Yes, Gallagher Combined School provides filtered water for students to ensure they have access to clean and safe drinking water.
  7. What sports facilities does the school have? The school has recently acquired large grounds adjacent to the campus, providing ample space for various sports activities, including netball, soccer, and running events.
  8. What is Abacus Maths? Abacus Maths is a mental arithmetic program that helps students develop their numerical skills and computational abilities using the Japanese abacus.
  9. Are parents expected to get involved with homework? Parents are encouraged to support their children with homework and monitor their progress. However, the school maintains that homework is primarily the responsibility of the student.
  10. Where can parents view the school uniform? Parents can view the Gallagher Combined School uniform at the school’s reception. Detailed information and images of the uniform are also available on the school’s website.


Gallagher Combined School is dedicated to nurturing academic excellence through its commitment to individualized attention and comprehensive educational offerings. With small class sizes, a focus on sports and physical development, reliable transportation services, and a range of extracurricular activities, the school aims to provide a well-rounded education for its students. By fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment, Gallagher Combined School prepares students for future success and personal growth.

For further information or to begin the registration process, interested parents can contact Gallagher Combined School at the following:

Contact Details

537 Lupton Drive
Halfway House

Management: +27824978662
Landline: +27118050046
Principal: +27786618118

Email: admin@gallagherschool.co.za

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