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Preparations in Full Swing for Matric Exams 2023

Preparations in Full Swing for Matric Exams 2023

In anticipation of the forthcoming matric exams, more than 920,000 eager candidates are all set to embark on their academic journey this year. Umalusi, the quality assurance body, has given the green light for this educational milestone.

Class of 2023 Ready to Begin

The much-anticipated matric class of 2023 is gearing up to commence their National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations on the 30th of October.

Wide-Spread Participation Across Schools

During a recent briefing, Umalusi revealed that the impressive figure of 921,000 candidates will be distributed across over 6,340 public schools and in excess of 550 private centers.

Education System Primed for 2023 National Exams

Dr. MS Rakometsi, the CEO of Umalusi, expressed confidence in the readiness of the education system to facilitate the 2023 national examinations. He further highlighted that steps have been taken to address potential disruptions like load shedding during the exam period.

Vigilance Against Question Paper Errors

To ensure the integrity of the exams, measures have been implemented to prevent errors in question papers, such as the infamous “impossible” question from the previous year’s Maths Paper 2. Each paper is now subject to a double-check and approval process by an external moderator.

A Lesson Learned – The Quest for Error-Free Papers

Recognizing the importance of error prevention, Rakometsi emphasized the necessity for double-layered measures to eliminate any errors. He also acknowledged the human element, which can occasionally lead to paper inaccuracies. Consequently, a protocol has been established to address any instances of errors in question papers.

Stringent Security for Exam Papers

Umalusi has undergone an extensive audit of the printing and distribution process and is satisfied with the high-level security measures in place to prevent the leakage of exam papers.

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